5 essential books by James Patterson

5 essential books by James Patterson

Jul 02, 2022, 11:51 a.m.
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These books by James Patterson are a must read if you like mystery and thriller.

James Patterson is an American author well known for his thrillers and suspense novels. He has also written various non-fiction, science fiction and romance novels.

The author uses the technique of hooking and hanging to write his stories; his novels usually have the first-person point of view.

Here are five Patterson books you must read if you’re a book lover.

Published in 1993, Came a spider is the series’ first thriller about detective Alex Cross. The novel has 26 sequels, as of 2021.

The story revolves around forensic psychologist and homicide investigator Alex Cross who investigates the murder of two black prostitutes and a baby.

He also investigates the kidnapping of two children by their math teacher in a private school.

Published in 1995, this novel also features detective Alex Cross.

The story revolves around another brutal murder mystery where a serial killer named Casanova sexually assaults and kills women in Florida.

Another killer called Gentleman Caller in North Carolina also assaults and murders young and beautiful women.

Alex Cross must investigate the cases and track down the two kidnappers and obsessive murderers.

College: The Worst Years of My Life

Published in 2011, Patterson co-wrote this realistic fiction novel with Chris Tebbetts. This novel is the first part of his best-selling middle school series.

The novel revolves around a sixth-grader named Rafe Khatchadorian and how he struggles after starting his college journey.

The story describes her ability to deal with teenage crushes, awkwardness, and family issues while trying to break school rules.

Published in 2018, Patterson co-wrote this novel with former US President Bill Clinton.

This political thriller explores themes of betrayal, national threats and espionage.

The novel revolves around US President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan.

There are whispers of a cyberattack, a traitor and espionage in the Cabinet as the President becomes a suspect.

However, amid such speculation, the president himself disappears.

Published in 2017, Patterson co-authored this book with frequent collaborator David Ellis and is the first installment in the black book thriller series.

The story revolves around a gruesome series of murders in Chicago.

Detective Billy Harney lands in an exclusive brothel to investigate a case and discovers the madam’s black book is missing.

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