Anh Do’s interview about Wolf Girl 7 and Smarty Pup books

Anh Do has a vision: a world in which all the characters in his books find themselves in a Marvel-like universe. There could be a wolf girl movie and ninja child shows up to help, he says.

“I have 10 titles and about 15 characters right now,” he says. age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Anh Do wants to create a movie or TV series using many characters from her children’s books. Credit:Matt Davidson

The 45-year-old artist, author, TV host and comedian is prolific. In addition to hosting various television shows, he wrote a memoir, titled The happiest refugeeand several successful children’s series: Weird, ninja child, Hot dog!, E-Boy, wolf girl, sky dragon and PowPowPig. His latest offer wolf girl 7debuted at number one.

Over the next three years, Do has another 50 books planned. He also adapted several of them into a television series, in collaboration with a team of editors, illustrators, writers and animators.

A new series called smart puppy will land in October, about a little girl whose mother died, and her dog, JJ. During a meteor storm, an “alien goop” falls on the dog and transforms him into the smartest creature in the world: he can talk, solve math problems and speak 12 languages. “It could easily have been called Einstein dogDo says.

wolf girl begins with a little girl being woken up by her mother in the middle of the night, saying they have to leave. This is what happened to the author when he was two years old. “My mother woke me up… and we were leaving on a small nine-meter fishing boat with 38 other people, packed like sardines, to leave Vietnam as refugees.”

After surviving the boat trip, with pirates and endless days at sea, then several months in a refugee camp, the family arrived safely in Australia and settled in Sydney. Do’s father left when Anh was 13 – they wouldn’t see each other again for nearly a decade. Her mother raised three children single-handedly, working in sweatshops where she earned around $7 an hour. Despite everything, it was a happy childhood. “Things at home weren’t always easy, but there was always the library – I could borrow books and bring them home and escape for a while.”

As a child, he was a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. “I used to read every script, and there were times when I would finish the book and then try to think of new endings, find even more dramatic endings and twists.”

His books now regularly top the list of most borrowed books of junior children’s fiction in libraries nationwide. “It made me cry a little bit, it brings me so much joy that the children love to read the books.”

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