Ashley Tisdale reveals husband bought ‘400 books’ before Architectural Digest’s house tour

Ashley Tisdale sparked amused and horrified reactions after revealing her shelves were empty of books ahead of her home visit to Architectural Summaryso she had asked her husband to go to a bookstore and buy “400 books”.

the musical high school star, 36, toured her Los Angeles home this week, focusing on the living room, in which a bookshelf filled with colorful books occupied one wall.

However, according to Tisdale, who stood outside the library frequently when touring the house, the shelves “didn’t have any books a few days ago.”

“These shelves, I have to be honest… actually didn’t have any books a few days ago,” she admitted with a laugh. “I asked my husband to go to a bookstore and I said, ‘You have to buy 400 books.'”

According to Tisdale, her husband pointed out that the couple should “collect books over time and put them on the shelves,” to which she said he replied, “No, no, no, no. Not when AD come.”

On Twitter, a woman named Sarah shared a screenshot of the moment in the video, which she captioned, “I… am speechless.”

As of Wednesday, the tweet had been liked more than 202,000 times, with people both entertained and critical of Tisdale’s admission.

“I remember people walking into my house and asking if I had read all these books and wondering why else I would have them. Lol, now I know,” one person tweeted.

Another said: ‘It’s so embarrassing, how could anyone admit it?’

“Do people really buy books with no intention of reading them…for decoration?” I’m so confused right now,” someone else said, while one person claimed “rich people don’t deserve nice houses.”

According to another person, after doing the math, they estimated Tisdale and her husband spent $10,000 on books to stage the library.

Tisdale’s comment also made some wonder what was on the shelf before it was staged with books.

“So what was in those shelves originally?” Nothing at all?” one person asked.

Others said the moment was reminiscent of another AD house tour, during which Dakota Johnson pointed to a bowl of limes in her kitchen and said she “loves limes”, before later revealing that she was “actually allergic to limes “.

While many reactions were critical, others defended Tisdale on the grounds that she admitted to the last-minute staging and laughed it off.

“It’s like Dakota Johnson with limes. It’s silly, but people take this book too seriously. It’s just not that bad.. she admitted it and laughed at herself,” one person wrote.

Others said they’d happily take on the bookbuyer job, with someone else tweeting, “Provide the credit card and I’ll be anyone’s ornamental bookbuyer husband.”

“Relationship goals,” someone else joked.

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