Bridgerton: How many books are there and in what order should I read them?

Fyears of the series Bridgerton are lucky because this Friday, March 25, the premieres of the second season on netflix and will be able to learn even more about another of the brothers of this family in London.

All thanks to the gossip of Lady Whistledown who will accompany us for several seasons.

We’ll have to wait to find out if Netflix confirms a season for each book, but if they do, we’ll have Bridgerton for a while.

Here we tell you all about them and in what order to read them so you don’t miss anything.

First of all, it should be noted that the author, Julia Quinnrepeatedly acknowledged that “every Bridgerton has its story and every story has its book”.

This means that each book can be read independently, but it’s best to read them in order to avoid spoilers.

In what order should you read the ‘Bridgerton’ books?

Fans of romance and period novels have known for many years about the adventures of these brothers, which take place during the Regency period in the early 19th century, between 1813 and 1825.

The duke and me

The first of these served as the basis for the first season of the Netflix series which premiered in December 2020, although it was written in 2000.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know it’s the story of Daphne, the sister who falls in love with the Duke of Hastings, who is pressured by all the ladies to marry their daughters.

The viscount who loved

This volume, set in 1814, centers on Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest brother, who is heir to the title and, for Lady Whistledown, is the male star of the season, and although he has eyes only for Katrina Sheffield, she never laid eyes on him.

I give you my heart

This book stars Benedict Bridgerton and Sphie Beckett, the unrecognized daughter of the Earl of Penwood, whose stepmother and stepsisters didn’t give her a very good time.

As the years pass, she ends up serving in the Bridgerton household and the second male child realizes that the love of her life is the maid of the family.

Seducing Mr. Bridgerton

This volume is dedicated to Colin Bridgerton, who befriends Penelope Featherington, his sister Eloise’s best friend.

After several parties and days together, maybe something more will start to emerge and their relationship will change course towards love.

To Sir Phillip, with love

Eloise Bridgerton is the protagonist of the fifth book because after the marriage of her best friend, all the spotlight is on her because of her celibacy.

That’s why, impulsively, she leaves London and goes to a man she only knows by letter to ask him to marry her.

The heart of a Bridgerton

Francesca, the sixth sister, is perhaps the least known to fans of the series as she only played a small role, but she was married at an early age to John, Earl of Kilmartin, whom she was widowed. soon after and seeks solace from Michel, her late husband’s husband. best friend.

For a kiss

This episode focuses on Hyacinth Bridgerton, who no longer has the excitement of dancing seasons in London.

She even seems to drive away all her suitors, except for one, Gareth St. Clair, who seems to be the only one who succeeds in making her find the desire to have fun again.

Looking for a wife

It is the last of the saga and it is dedicated to Gregory Bridgerton because the youngest man in the family and the most romantic of all, he is looking for the woman of his dreams.

He renounces the English high society tradition of marrying for convenience and will reject all proposals until he finds the one that suits him best.

Two other books dedicated to the Bridgerton family

Beyond the eight volumes already mentioned, there is also ‘Bridgerton: Happily Ever After’.

In it, Quinn compiles a series of epilogues to each of the previous books that feature small details that weren’t said.

It even tells the story of a character still there but about whom we know little: Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the saga.

Following the success of the series, just a year ago, ‘Because of Miss Bridgerton’, the prequel to the existing saga, was released and we got to know the backstories of the secondary characters.

By the way, in case you missed that detail: the Bridgerton siblings were named in alphabetical order: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth.

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