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With the first semester CBSE board exams completed, it’s time to start preparing for the semester 2 exams. You should have books that will help you easily transform your multiple-choice question review model into a objective and long theoretical questions. So a good book for each subject can help you revise properly and plan your studies accordingly. If you are looking for CBSE Class 10 Term 2 books for reviews, you might be confused with many options available in the market.

Here is a list of some of the best choices you can consider while shopping online. Choose from this list based on your weak and strong topics to buy the perfect CBSE Class 10 books for your revisions.


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If you are looking for CBSE Term 2 books that are suitable for science and math students, this combo can be a good buy for your board exam prep. These books cover mind maps for quick and effective learning, mnemonics, practice assignments, review notes, self-assessment tests, concept videos, and more to help you fully understand your topic.

The set is approximately 870 pages long and includes books in English language and literature, science, social science and mathematics.

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If you want to achieve good results in English language and literature exam, this question bank can be a good option to buy online. Covering both subjective and objective question types, this book will ensure that you are clear on the topic and understand the types of questions that are asked in each topic.

With review scores, you can revise before taking the exams. The practical work will help you understand the exam model and test your knowledge once you have completed your learning and revisions.

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If you are looking for a Grade 10 math book with solutions to NCERT problems, this may be a good option to purchase online. Available with questions by chapter and topic, you can easily test your knowledge after reviewing each topic. This will help you to study systematically at your own pace.

The book even fully answered questions from previous years’ articles to help you understand the types of questions asked on exams. This book is approximately 370 pages long and is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

This combination of class 10 books can be a good option for science students who want to achieve good marks in the exams of semester 2 2022. These books are good for reference and can be used to practice solving more questions in the classroom. – beyond your manual.

Since these books have been written based on the latest program guidelines, you can be sure that you are reviewing the right topics as you study.

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