Columbus teacher helps other teachers with books and resources

Bethany Herbst teaches fifth grade math and science at Stewart Alternative Elementary in Columbus City Schools.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – First day in a hall full of students. That’s when it hits.

“Nothing fully prepares you for when you’re alone with an entire class of kids,” Bethany Herbst said.

Herbst has been an educator for the past eight years. She teaches fifth grade math and science at Stewart Alternative Elementary in Columbus City Schools. If eight years in the classroom taught him anything, it’s two certainties.

“I know teachers, one, don’t make a lot of money,” she said. “And, second, they don’t always have the resources they want or need for their class.”

That’s why she decided to help.

“I think it shows how passionate and dedicated we are to our students to help them succeed, grow and go far,” said Keyle Hawk.

Hawk is preparing for the first year of teaching sophomore at Hilliard.

“It’s just one way to help moms,” Rachel Trubisky said. “Everything is expensive these days and we are all here to help each other.”

Trubisky will tackle homeschooling this fall for her two children. She and Hawk are recent recipients of Herbst’s idea that all teachers row together.

“We’re all kind of in this together, so we’re all trying to help each other stay afloat,” Herbst said.

She posted on Facebook to inform other mothers and teachers of free books and resources that could help them in their classrooms.

The response to the free items on his front porch sparked interest from teachers in the central Ohio school district, from Columbus to Southwestern City, Hilliard, Dublin and Marysville.

“So if I could give back to them like people gave to me, I wanted to be able to do that,” Herbst said.

Teachers help teachers.

“Things that I never thought I would buy, research, buy and use in my classroom,” Hawk said. “I’m like, oh, that could be really helpful.”

Teachers help mothers.

“We’re all in this together,” Trubisky said. “We all have children. We all have problems. It’s just nice to know that strangers have your back.

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