E-books for gamers: what to read if you like games?


Few players regularly read or even think about books. But many of them do not even know that they can discover a whole universe of e-books related to games. Starting with guides on building a PC or how to play certain games and ending with storylines based on your favorite game worlds. So today, we’re going to help gamers find the right eBook for them by bringing you a diverse list of gamer-friendly eBooks.

Fortune Formula

The book tells of a unique formula discovered in 1956 by a few talented scientists. They state that every person can use this formula to get rich through gambling. After reading the Fortunes formula, you will be well on your way to testing it. That’s when you can stick with this new online casino that users in Canada will surely appreciate. It offers many different games, so you will have a large room to choose from.

It is a perfectly written story that will familiarize you with sophisticated mathematical and economic concepts without any confusion. And don’t think this is just a boring formula explanation. The story involves many characters like gangsters, policemen and politicians who will interact and create interesting situations.

World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde

A legendary Warcraft universe created by Blizzard Entertainment continues to receive expansions in the form of exciting books. And one of them is World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde. This compelling writing will tell you about the origins of the horde, or in other words, the orcs. Of their life on the Draenor, of the clans, of their relations and of the warlords. You will see a Gul’dan, a famous wizard in the Warcraft universe, begin his journey as a leader alongside a wise orc called Durotan and other creatures of Draenor.

Blood, sweat and pixels

This book will be ideal for people who want to understand the costs of developing a successful game. Additionally, the format of the book makes it appealing not only to gamers but also to young developers, as they will have a better idea of ​​what to expect from their work.
It’s a well-written book that will keep you engaged until the last page, explaining all the complexities the developer team faces during game development. game and ends with final stages such as bug testing. If you have at least some interest in games and their technical aspects, this book will be worth your time.

Getting Players: The Psychology of Video Games and Their Impact on the People Who Play Them

Getting Gamers is a truly unique piece of writing that allows you to look at the gaming industry from a whole different angle – business, psychology and social life perspective. The book reveals how games can affect people to improve different aspects of their lives. The author states that games are not just useless tools to pass our time. Instead, he thinks games can help you develop essential skills that will help you be more successful in your career, make more friends and live a better life. Getting Gamers is very exciting and fun to read as it uses compelling writing with lots of funny jokes.

Meaningful Zero: Heroes, Villains, and the Struggle for Art and Soul in Video Games

Important Zero is another book that tells us about game development from its inside perspective. It is essential to mention that Significant Zero was written by a professional designer Walt Williams who contributed to the award-winning game Spec Ops: The Line.
You will be exposed to the role and contribution of the Narrative Designer to the final game product. Plus, Walt Williams will tell you about his previous projects, which you should know about, and give you a compelling explanation of how he wrote them.

As we just proved, there are tons of gaming-related eBooks that can be very exciting for gamers. So just choose the one from our list that you liked the most and read carefully!

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