Goa hardback books still unavailable, parents concerned

June 11, 2022 | 06:45 IST

Goa hardback books still unavailable, parents concerned

Team Herald

MARGAO: Many students in the Goa Council have not yet received their textbooks, so parents are worried about how the students will adjust to the curriculum.

However, the Goa Board has assured to make all Class 9 and Class 10 textbooks available in the market by Monday.

Many parents have reported to the Messenger that not only in Margao and Panjim, but even in other parts of the state, hundreds of students attend classes without textbooks. The sellers also claimed that they only received one set of textbooks, which was a small amount. At the moment, several parents are noticed on the run in search of textbooks for their children.

It has been revealed that textbooks for many 9th and 10th grade subjects are not available at stores selling textbooks. Surprisingly, many schools did not distribute textbooks to students studying from grades 1 to 8. Major textbook shortages have been reported for Class 9, in which English, Hindi, Konkani, history, science and math textbooks are not available in the market.

Speaking to Herald, one of the main textbook sellers in Margao said he only received a very small amount of textbooks once and no distribution was made to him after that.

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