Loveforce International announces that more of its paperbacks are being sold by Walmart

Santa Clarita, Calif., July 14, 2022 — ( — On September 24, 2021, Loveforce International announced that one of the paperbacks they publish, the Spanish edition of Slices of Life by Mark Wilkins, was carried by Walmart. On January 5, 2022, Loveforce International announced that a second of its paperbacks, The Agnostic Faith Trilogy by The Prophet of Life, was being sold by Walmart. Today, Loveforce International announced that 15 additional paperback books published by the company are offered by Walmart.

The additional books are by the same two authors, Mark Wilkins and The Prophet of Life. They are of different kinds. It is either non-fiction or fiction. They are written in English and/or Spanish. They include the English version of Slices of Life and the Spanish version of The Agnostic Faith Trilogy.

Nine of the 15 books are by Mark Wilkins. Three of these books have both the English and Spanish versions from Walmart, making six books in total. One of the books is called Karma. Another is called Stories of the Supernatural. The third is called Confessions of the Public Schools. Two of Wilkins’ books only have the English version carried by Walmart. These two books are A Week’s Worth of Fiction and Totally Outrageous Stories. Wilkins’ latest additional book carried by Walmart is the Spanish language version of The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Pandemic Survival Guide.

Four of Wilkins’ books are works of fiction. The first two are Karma, which is a short story about a man who struggles and negotiates between two totally different cultures, but his struggles are overshadowed by cosmic forces he cannot understand. The second of the two is Stories of The Supernatural. It consists of 15 short stories on supernatural subjects. The titles of the stories in the book include “The Soul Collector”, “Cannibal Money”, “Life Lines”, and “The Ghost Train”.

Mark Wilkins’ second two fiction genre books include A Week’s Worth of Fiction Volumes 1 & 2. The book consists of 14 short works of fiction. Each of the stories is followed by a poem which gives additional depth to each story. Story titles in the book include “The Terror”, “The Mercy Date”, “The Boba Banana Saga”, “Robot Chickens”, “Barter World”, and “The Juice Fly”. Mark Wilkins’ latest fiction book accepted by Walmart is Totally Outrageous Stories, the English version only. This book is filled with humorous writings of a scandalous nature. Story titles in the book include “The Couch Potato Olympics”, “Vladi Sings The Hits”, “Crappy Homes”, and “Big Foot Captured!”

The other two books by Mark Wilkins are not fiction. One of them is Public School Confessions. It is a collection of non-fiction writings about teachers, students, and parents involved in public education. Story titles in the book include “Fitting In”, “More Than A Gangster”, “The All-Time Epic Rotten Egg War”, and “Scandal and Corruption if the School District Controlled by Billionaires”. The other non-fiction book is the Spanish version of The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Pandemic Survival Guide. It contains writings organized into four chapters, “The Power of Basic Knowledge”, “The Power of Family”, “The Power of Acting as a Member of the Community” and “The Power of Timely Life Lessons of crisis”.

There are four The Prophet of Life books that are sold by Walmart. One book is Controversies. English and Spanish versions of this book are available. Another book called The Faith Trilogy is only in English. One of the three books that make up this trilogy, What Faith Has Taught Me, is offered by Walmart, but only the Spanish version is offered. The last of the four books is one of the three books that make up the Agnostic Faith Trilogy. It’s called Finding God in a Chaotic World. Only the Spanish version of this book is offered by Walmart.

The Controversies book includes writings about people and events that have created controversy. The titles of the stories in this book include “Trump, Master of Controversy”, “Caitlyn Jenner”, and “Is There A Suicide Gene?” Finding God in a Chaotic World (Spanish version only) is one of three books that make up the Agnostic Faith Trilogy. It consists of writings on the nature of God. Chapter titles in this book include “The Nature of God,” “The Lord Communicates With Everyone,” and “God Is Portable.”

The Faith Trilogy book consists of three faith books. The first is called What Faith Taught Me. It consists of various writings on faith itself. The titles of the articles in the book include “Where was God?” “, “How everything is connected” and “A blessing in disguise”. The second book is called Inspiration For All. It consists of inspiring stories of a spiritual nature. Article titles in this book include “A Little Candle”, “A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere”, “Hope is the Answer”, and “The Best Gift for a Child”. The third book is The Best Quotes About God which consists of a good number of quotes about God.

“We are absolutely thrilled that 15 more of our paperback titles have been added to Walmart.” Said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “It’s a testament to the universality of our authors’ books,” he continued.

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