Peak books return to ring after injury with familiar faces

Los Ingobernables fans, rejoice! El Toro Blanco is ready to return to the ring. Rush has been out of action since injuring his knee in August last year, and now the former ROH World Champion has been booked for lucha libre bouts in April.

Rush’s first return match will be with Robles Promotions on April 29 in Mexico City. The mayor of El Ingobernable plans to be better than ever in pursuit of his feud with LA Park.

Rush will team up with his father (Bestia del Ring) and a new Ingobernable against LA Park, Marco Corleone and Chris Masters. Rush and LA Park have been fishing for an epic hair vs. mask fight for years. This may be the first step for it to finally materialize.

That won’t be all for Rush this weekend. It was also announcement that he will face Dr. Wagner Jr. and Corleone in a three-way main event on April 30 in Mérida and then a three-way rematch with LA Park on May 1 in Cancun.

In addition to the excitement of Rush’s return, the tease of a new Los Ingobernables member is intriguing. It’s no cheap ploy to use his brothers, as Dragon Lee and Dralistico are also on the April 29 card in trios action with Bandido against Taurus, Carlito, and Flamita. Yes, it’s the same Carlito who spits apples.

It is also important to note Marco Corleone as one of Rush’s opponents. Corleone was a former member of Los Ingobernables in CMLL. The man you may know as Mark Jindrak returns to the lucha libre game. In his heyday, Corleone was a huge superstar in Mexico, so much so that he moved into telenovela acting. Personally, I’m looking forward to one of his dynamic dropkicks.

The returns don’t stop there. “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock will wrestle with Robles Promotions.

Stock competed in CMLL as Dark Angel and in TNA as Sarita. In recent years, she had worked as a trainer with WWE before being released last year.

Where would you like to see Rush compete in 2022? Who is your guess for the newest member of Los Ingobernables?

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