PGA Tour will require golfers to use committee-approved yardage books from 2022

Changes will likely be made to the PGA Tour’s equipment in 2022. While no technological setbacks are looming on the horizon when it comes to the ball and golf clubs, modern green reading books are likely on the market. not to be banned during PGA Tour events.

Monday, a memo was sent by the Tour to players and caddies which read: “As of January 1, 2022, during competition rounds, players and caddies may only use a distance book approved by the committee. The committee-approved distance book will be very similar to a traditional distance book and, when it comes to ecological details, will only have general information on slopes and other features. “

This local rule is currently “under development by the USGA and R&A” and will always be demand a vote from the PGA Tour Player Advisory Board later in November, but it seems almost certain that this rule will come into effect for the first event of 2022 when golfers enter the Tournament of Champions.

This is a subtle but significant change from the super detailed green books that players carry that include gradient and detailed laser information, and it is an attempt to “get back to a position where players and caddies only use their skills, judgment and feelings. with all the information acquired through experience, preparation and practice to read the line of play on the green, ”according to the note.

Think of this as the “Bryson DeChambeau Rule”. DeChambeau has become famous for the details of his footage books, and although he can still write any mathematical formulas he wishes to write down, he can no longer obtain them outside of his own experiments.

This is also where the rule becomes interesting. The memo states that players can transfer any previous handwritten notes that “also meet the new restrictions in the approved book” but “no device, level or other technology can be used to collect information to be kept as notes, and no information may be copied from another source into the approved book. “

The reason this can be confusing is that players and caddies may not remember exactly where they got some of the information in their current books. Was it from an outside source – perhaps a company that shot a green with its lasers – or was it from the third round of an event the player played in 2019 when he recalled ‘a putt breaking a cup in the opposite direction he thought it was going to break.

Regardless of the thoroughness and how it plays out, it’s a good decision for the PGA Tour. This adds an element of skill and athleticism and should create a (small) separation between the more skilled golfers and those who are not. It reintroduces elements of wisdom, confidence, commitment, and mindfulness – often present among the best players – and does away with math, which level the playing field and probably hurts stars and superstars a bit.

Some people think it hurts someone like DeChambeau, who has relied on his book a lot over the years, but I think it actually helps. He’s been immersed in the gradient game for years now, and he’ll be able to recreate it with his own eyes better than almost anyone else in the world. Remember, you can always use your own experience and expertise to create your own eco-friendly reading book, you simply cannot use external sources to create it for you. It may take a little while for him to adjust, but I think he will continue to thrive.

It will be a generally welcome change at the professional level and a good step in the right direction when it is probably implemented after two months.

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