The 7 best books for those who want to know more about Spain

The 7 best books on Spain

ATTRACTING around 83.7 million tourists a year, Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, famous for its sunshine, food and culture and inspiring many books.

And while many who have traveled to Spain know about its history and traditions, what are the best books for those who want to learn more about this beautiful country?

Euro Weekly News has compiled a list of the top seven books on Spain, covering everything from culture to history for those who want to find out more.

1. The ornament of the world: how Muslims, Jews and Christians created a culture of tolerance in medieval Spain

For those who want to learn more about Spain’s blend of cultures and religions over the years, The ornament of the world by Maria Rosa Menocal offers a look at how several religions have lived side by side in Spain for hundreds of years.

The result of this cultural mixture gave Europe the first translations of Plato and Aristotle, songs of love and poetry, architecture and technology.

2. Spain by Jan Morris

A classic for good reason, Jan Morris´s Spain has attracted readers since its first publication in 1964.

In this book, the travel writer explores the culture, history and people of Spain, delving into its background.

3. The history of the Moors in Spain: a history of the Moorish empire in Europe; their conquest, book of laws and code of rites

Written by historian Stanley Lane-Poole, The history of the Moors in Spain is one of the books explores how the Moors came to and conquered Spain, staying for around 800 years.

Their influence brought commerce, laws, beautiful new architecture, astronomy and mathematics to Spain and can still be seen in many mosques and buildings around the country.

4. The only way is the west: a once in a lifetime walking adventure 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain

The Camino de Santiago is one of Spain’s most famous attractions, with around 300,000 people making the pilgrimage per year.

In The only way is the west, writer Bradley Chermside shares his experience of walking the path while searching for love, bringing his take on the world famous attraction.

5. Fodor’s Essentials in Spain

For those planning their trips to Spain a good travel guide is essential and Fodor´s Most of Spain has everything you need for a trip across the country, from museum recommendations to the best hotels.

Covering the whole country, Essential Spain also offers guides to the most famous cities in the country.

6. The house that Jack bought

For anyone considering buying a house in Spain, The house that Jack built by Jack Waldie is essential reading, focusing on the ups and downs of the UK move.

The book follows the Scotsman’s move to rural Spain where he works to befriend local residents.

7. The Basques: Captivating guide to the history of the Basque Country, from prehistory to Roman domination and from the Middle Ages to the present day

Spain has many interesting cities and regions, and the Basque Country is perhaps one of its richest regions for its unique history.

In fact, a genetic study conducted by the University of Uppsala in Sweden in 2015 found that the Basques established themselves as an ethnic group during the Neolithic era, between 12,000 and 4,500 years ago.

the basques looks at this region with a prehistorically distinct genetic heritage from that of their Spanish or French neighbors.

In conclusion

As one of the most interesting countries in the world, Spain has attracted many writers keen to describe its history, culture and landscapes. The Euro Weekly News list can help you find the right books to learn more about Spain, whether it’s the Moors, trips through Spain or its culture.

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