The best children’s books ever written

Roald Dahl’s Twits

First published in 1969, Eric Carle’s iconic work has been a favorite around the world for decades.

After the journey of a tiny bug that just can’t get enough of it (despite spending a week soaking up everything from Swiss cheese to salami), this treasured classic undoubtedly brings many of us back to very good childhood memories.

Not only that, it’s rather informative about the life cycle of a typical caterpillar … forgetting the indulgence of an entire piece of chocolate cake of course …

Roald Dahl remains a godfather of children’s literature, and it is one of his finest works.

The tale of a mean, hideous woman and a mean man with way too much food in his beard, The Twits is a delightful morality story where a pair of mean pranksters get their payoff. Without a doubt, this one teaches us a lesson or two. The first one? Building a house without windows is not a timeless style choice …

An absolute sensation, the first in Kes Gray’s Oi! the series is a solid gold belt. A rippling rhyme story following an amphibious hero who really doesn’t want to sit where he’s told, the result in this one is hilarious and hilarious.

Unquestionably the one that belongs on the shelf of any house lucky enough to have cheeky young dwellers.

Technically a children’s book, but nothing short of one of the finest contributions to literature.

JRR Tolkien’s inaugural tale of Middle-earth is simply imagination at its most formidable, and marked the creation of a world that has influenced fantasy writers around the world for over 80 years. Haven’t read it for a while? It’s time to go and come back …

It’s impossible to pick one entry as the best of the bunch, so Roger and Adam Hargreaves’ entire cheerful streak makes our list.

Set in the wonderful world of Misterland, these stories center on delicious colorful types with a dominant trait that takes them on their own unique adventure.

Timeless and precious, these will remain on the podium of beloved children’s books for as long as they all live.

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