The Bookseller – Rights – Dialogue Books tells the story of Dhillon’s struggle for change in the UK

Dialogue Books has arrived The shoulders we stand on“the amazing story of how blacks and browns fought for change in the UK” by Preeti Dhillon.

Publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Abi Fellows of The Good Literary Agency. Editorial Director Maisie Lawrence will work editorially with Dhillon while Lovegrove is on parental leave. Publication is scheduled for 2023.

Dhillon is a researcher, historian and author who aims to illuminate the stories of those hidden from the mainstream narrative. She has written for organizations such as Shout Out UK and The Rights Collective and was a freelance researcher for the Women’s History Network from 2021-2022.

Dialogue Books said: “The shoulders we stand on tells the story of 10 movements, campaigns and organizations led by black and brown people from the 60s to the 80s who fought against racism and capitalism, impacting the way we live today. These include the Indian Workers’ Association, the Grunwick Strike, the Mangrove Nine Trials and the Battle of Brick Lane. an “astonishing story of how blacks and browns fought for change in the UK”.

Lawrence commented: “The stories of minority communities, particularly around our activism, are too often told only on the fringes. Dhillon’s marvelous achievement in The shoulders we stand on is to place these stories at the center of their concerns, so that we can learn from those who have gone before us. Understanding the history of black and brown led protest movements in the UK is something we should all crave. As an activist imprint, this book couldn’t be more perfect for Dialogue and I’m thrilled and thrilled to be working with Dhillon on his book.

Dhillon added: “Many of us are feeling hopeless right now, but there is a long history of collective action from our communities that we can draw strength from, if only we knew the stories.The shoulders we stand ontell these stories. They help me understand the UK as it is today and inspire me on what we can achieve together, and I hope readers feel the same. I am thrilled to work with Dialogue Books to put this crucial story in its place.

The fellows added, “I recognized the importance of these little-told stories from my first conversation with Preeti, who tells them with such accessibility and vitality. Dialogue is the perfect home.”

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