The Friends of the Library are organizing a pop-up sale for children on December 12 | Books

ITHACA, NY – The Friends of the Library Sale (FOL) have thought of a pop-up sale in the past, but none have been implemented, but with Christmas just around the corner, FOL is offering an event of a day on December 12. Kathy Weinberg, coordinator of Friends of the Tompkins County Library, talks about the library’s rare upcoming sale, which will feature children’s items.

Ithaca Times: You said the Tompkins County Public Library Book Sale has a special children’s pop-up holiday sale for December 12. Tell us about this pop-up sale.

Kathy Weinberg: We will be open on Sunday, December 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (while stocks last) for this small ephemeral sale. Children’s items, including puzzles, games, books and DVDs, will be on display at the front of the warehouse. Our large garage doors will be wide open to form the entrance and maximize ventilation, so dress warmly! We will have room for 20 buyers moving through the shopping area at a time, and we will need masks and social distancing. Parents can find a variety of inexpensive items for their children, priced at $ 4.50 for DVDs and $ 1.50 or $ 3 for other items.

IT: Is it unusual for the FOL book sale to have a special pop-up sale in December? Why now, and what are you hoping for in this ephemeral sale?

KW: We haven’t had a lot of pop-up sales at all! But they seem like a fun event for us and the community, so we’re excited to have this special holiday sale. We have looked for imaginative ways to serve the community, especially after COVID-19 began to affect children and their families.

The idea was sparked by news that some shortages could limit the ability of parents to find holiday gifts for their children. Puzzles, games and books make great gifts for children, infants up to 14 years old. We already have a lot of these items in stock, and we thought we should make them available now to provide parents with other alternatives for their holiday shopping. We hope everyone enjoys this little pop-up sale!

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