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that of David Goyer Foundation adapts Isaac Asimov’s classic sci-fi short stories and novels for Apple TV +, and Foundation season 2 is likely to draw inspiration from its story “The Mayors”. For decades, Asimov’s sci-fi classic was generally considered impossible to adapt. The story spans an entire millennium, there aren’t many repeating characters, and Asimov’s tales are more concept-driven than character-driven. But the success of Game Of Thrones launched a new era of long-term, big-budget sci-fi and fantasy, especially on streaming services; and therefore Asimov Foundation has become a reality for Apple TV +.


Naturally, Goyer was forced to adapt the stories from the books. “I revere the books, I think fans of the books will see that we have embraced the general ideas and themes of the books and the characters,“Goyer explained in an interview.”It’s kind of a remix. But for the show to work, it has to appeal to people who haven’t read the books, it has to appeal to people who aren’t even sci-fi fans, and I think the key is to root everything in. emotion … and take Asimov’s themes and find ways to reflect them in the characters.“Goyer has also broadened the scope of Foundation, because in the books, the whole Galactic Empire literally crumbles off the page, but it turned the emperors into characters in their own right, establishing the idea of ​​a “genetic dynasty” of emperors struggling against change .

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Foundation season 1 adapted two of Asimov’s stories, “The Encyclopedists” – published in the May 1942 issue of Breathtaking science fiction—and a sort of extended prologue that Asimov wrote nearly a decade later, “The Psychohistorians”. But season 2 is likely to draw inspiration from another story, “The Mayors,” which tells the continuing story of the Foundation.

What happens in the news of the foundation of Isaac Asimov “Mayors”

Salvor Hardin Terminus Foundation

It is important to remember Foundation has changed the books considerably, especially with regard to Salvor Hardin. The story picks up decades after Salvor was appointed mayor of Terminus, and he’s been navigating dangerous political waters for some time, with the Foundation providing scientific gifts to neighboring galactic powers. Communications between the Outer Rim and the Galactic Empire have been cut, allowing four major worlds to rise, each drawing on the Foundation’s scientific knowledge, with Hardin carefully distributing his knowledge to maintain the balance of power. The inhabitants of this world increasingly see science as a religion – centered on the Foundation – and Salvor Hardin encourages this in order to keep the Foundation safe. The best and brightest of all the inhabitants of this world come to Terminus to learn, most of them become priests of science, and the best of them stay.

But maintaining this system is a difficult task, and the second Seldon crisis sees it challenged both internally and externally. Anacreon’s rulers hatch a plan to conquer the Foundation, angered that its power is not in their control. Meanwhile, a new political party arises on Terminus, with one arguing that the Foundation should become a full-fledged military power out of fear of the Anacreons. Salvor Hardin intelligently navigates the crisis, revealing that the faith of the masses means that he is now the one with the real power; although the Anacreons regard their king as a god, no science will work without the blessing of the Foundation, and Hardin is able to cripple an entire world. A new balance of power is established, in which the Foundation has established itself as the dominant power all around the outer rim. Once the crisis is over, a screening of Hari Seldon appears in the Vault to congratulate the Foundation and prepare its citizens for the next tasks.

What “the mayors” means for season 2 of the Foundation

Foundations psychohistory science hari seldon

Foundation Season 1 firmly established the Anacreons as a dominant power in the galaxy, with a rocket from the Engines of the Invictus persuading the Empire that the space sector is dangerous and should be left alone. It is probable Foundation Season 2 will build on that idea, with the Anacreons, Thespins, and other races thriving unbeknownst to the Empire. There have already been hints that science has come to be regarded as magic, with Hari Seldon in particular being treated as a prophet due to his mastery of psychohistory. It was even represented visually, with Goyer describing the mathematics Seldon mastered as “the language of angels.“It is therefore quite possible that a jump in time reveals a future very similar to that seen in” The Mayors “.

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There will of course be substantial differences. Foundation‘s Salvor Hardin is nothing like the character in Asimov’s books; indeed, she is not even mayor, having left Terminus for more than a century in order to find her mother, Gaal Dornick. For his part, Gaal does not appear in Asimov’s books after “The Psychohistorians”. Goyer used a cryogenic suspension to keep it going, an idea Asimov never used. During this time, FoundationThe s continued focus on the events of the Empire means that the story will be larger than anything Asimov has written. Foundation Season 1 left the genetic dynasty in tatters when it was discovered that the Emperor’s genetic samples had been tarnished. No doubt this shocking twist will be kept a secret from the masses, but it certainly introduces new instability to the heart of the Empire.

The interesting question is whether Foundation will incorporate stories from some of Asimov’s later novels. It’s hard to say, because thematically they are totally different from “The Mayors”, which means that integrating them would be difficult even for the talented writers of Foundation. It would therefore be more judicious to Foundation Season 2 will be entirely spin off from “The Mayors”, exploring the transformation of science into religion, the collapse of the Empire, and the mysterious roles that the television versions of Salvor Hardin and Gaal Dornick will play in making or potentially destroying . Hari Seldon’s best-worked plans. “The Mayors” presents a disturbing moment in which Salvor Hardin reveals that the slightest deviation could make a massive difference by the end of the millennium, and Goyer’s versions of Salvor and Gaal are most certainly likely to bring about quite a bit of change.

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