12 Best Transgender Books – Books with Transgender and Non-Binary Characters

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Literature that focuses on LGBTQ+ people and the LGBTQ+ experience is so crucial. Presenting stories in the YA category that accurately portray the struggles and joy of homosexuality empowers LGBTQ+ youth to feel seen and feel empowered in their identity. It’s important to include the queer community in the storytelling, especially transgender and non-binary people who are still disproportionately underrepresented in the media.

Fortunately, there are a number of books that beautifully portray transgender and non-binary characters and the different aspects of their lives. Some have been out for a while, while others have been some of the most anticipated YA releases over the past couple of years. For your next pick, keep reading. Here we have compiled a list of the best transgender books to add to your reading list, ASAP.

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Felix forever is a truly moving read about identity, first love and self-discovery. Felix, who is black, queer and trans, finds himself in a complicated love triangle after being the subject of transphobic messages online and tries to get revenge by tracking down the anonymous cyberbully.

Mark Adams, a trans boy, agrees to keep his past a secret and pretends to be a cis man for the sake of his father’s career as a congressman. But after a classmate running for student body president incites a homophobic attack, Mark and his friends band together to stop that student from being elected.

August Greene has just come one step closer to realizing his dreams by securing a place at the prestigious School of the Performing Arts in New York. But his parents, who have not yet come to terms with August being transgender, refuse to let him move in with his aunt in town unless he promises them he won’t transition.

Noah Ramirez created a successful blog, titled Meet Cute Diary, of trans love stories — however, they’re all fake. After someone reveals this fact to Journal readers, Noah must try to prove to everyone that love stories are actually true.


I wish you the best

I wish you the best is a beautiful, heartbreaking story that follows high school students Ben De Backer and Nathan Allan. After Ben comes out as non-binary to their parents, they are kicked out of their home, forced to move in with their estranged older sister, and left to deal with their severe anxiety virtually alone. But then Ben meets Nathan, who befriends them and gives them a glimpse of a happier life.

Chase, who has just started her freshman year of college, struggles with her gender identity and self-acceptance, is homesick for her friends and sister, and works tirelessly to earn an exclusive animation mentorship. He then meets and begins to fall in love with Jack, but Jack’s conservative upbringing threatens to destroy their relationship.

A chance encounter leads River McIntyre, an Arab-American teenager living in rural Ohio, to confront his struggle with identity and confront his internalized homophobia and gender dysphoria.

Written by non-binary author Akwaeke Emezi, Animals follows Jam, a black trans teenager living in a utopia-like town in the United States and discovers that monsters and mystical creatures aren’t as fictional as she once thought.

After moving to a new school, Amanda Hardy, who is a trans woman, is ready for new friends and a fresh start. She decides not to tell anyone about her past, but when she begins to fall for a classmate named Grant, Amanda realizes how important it is to tell her full story.

Lukas and Jeremy are high school kids who are both fighting for the Homecoming King crown. But the two boys aren’t just school rivals — they’re exes, who broke up after Jeremy came out as transgender.

battleship is the first book in a series about Danny Tozer, whose life suddenly seems to fall into place after inheriting the powers of the world’s greatest superhero and no longer having to hide that she’s a trans girl. But things turn out to be more difficult than she thought.

Since meeting Cris, Carey Parker—who is genderqueer—brought up the courage to audition for the role of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, in the school play. After being discriminated against by his classmates, Carey refuses to back down and, instead, stands up and fights for equality.

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