John Hinckley, failed assassin turned musician, books a concert in New York

Maybe he’s looking to land a No. 1 song with a shot in the charts.

Would-be assassin John Hickley Jr. – who tried to kill then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981 – has apparently achieved his goal of fame as a singer. He announced on Twitter on Friday that he scheduled a performance this summer in New York.

“Big news!! I will be performing on July 8th at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY,” he wrote in the tweet, which also noted that “special guests” would be making appearances. “Get your tickets while you can.”

The show was confirmed in a post on the hotel’s Instagram stories. A link on the Venue Pilot ticketing site offers a $20 ticket price for the 8 p.m. show.

It was unclear whether the July concert would be Hinckley’s first-ever live public performance.

Scenic Presents – a Brooklyn concert promotion company that runs the show and also tweeted the news – declined a request for comment from The Post, which has also contacted the hotel for a statement.

Responses to his ad included people asking him to book shows in cities such as Boston and Chicago and asking if shirts and other merchandise were available — just like any other touring artist.

John Hinckley has released dozens of songs on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.

In December 2020, Hinckley, now 66, created a YouTube account in a bid to rekindle a longtime dream of working in the music industry. Since then, he has uploaded over three dozen videos to the account, which has over 26,000 subscribers. The clips show him strumming a guitar and singing, with a hint of country twang, two seemingly original elements – including tunes of hope and love with tracks like “May Your Dreams Come True,” “ Can’t We Get Along” and “You and I Are Free” – and covers of songs from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley.

Comments were later disabled for his YouTube channel, but early commenters appeared to be fans from the start. “When I heard you came out and made songs on YouTube I thought it was a joke, but far from it, it was such a beautiful song,” one fan wrote. “You are very talented, please do more.”

Hinckley announced last December that he planned to start his own record label, Emporia Records, to premiere with a 14-song CD of his music. He also said interested musicians could submit their own CD or cassette demos to him via a post office box in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Post counted 29 of his own tracks currently available on iTunes, and his songs are also available on Spotify. His latest single, titled “Dark is the Night”, was released for streaming on April 1.

Hickley opened fire on Reagan outside a Washington, D.C. hotel on March 30, 1981 – hitting him once in the chest, along with three others, including publicist James Brady, who was partially paralyzed for the rest of his life. Reagan survived and was hospitalized for two weeks.

Hinckley was obsessed with actress Jodie Foster, who starred as a prostitute in the movie “Taxi Driver,” and stalked her in hopes of getting her attention. He eventually plotted an attempt to kill the president, eerily mirroring an assassination attempt by another character in the film, Travis Buckle, played by Robert De Niro.

Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent 35 years in a mental institution. In 2016, Hinckley moved in with her mother in Virginia and, two years later, left to live on her own.

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