The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents The Copper Colt

The author dedicated this story to young readers who love horses

He hummed softly as he inspected this fascinating new creature lying in the sunny straw. It came to him suddenly, Copper! That’s what I’ll call you. You’re as shiny as a new copper penny.

—Connie Squier

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2022 / — Author Connie Squiers has released the title of her book The Copper Colt. Set in the mountains of Virginia, an orphaned stable boy named Daniel received a handsome chestnut colt named Copper as his lifetime reward for saving a stable full of prized horses from a fire. The previous owner later discovered that Copper could outperform other show horses on his farm and took the horse. The story tells how Daniel dealt with this betrayal and his quest to find Copper after he ran away and could not be found. His faith and his Christian friends sustained him through all his trials.

“Great adventure story for a targeted audience, in our case a twelve-year-old girl who loves horses. A wonderful balance of faith lessons and real-world calamity, not religiously. Rich language, unlike far too many modern cheap novels with mixed family messages. I can highly recommend
this. Now she can’t wait for this author’s next novel. – Customer reviews from Amazon.

“A beautifully written and gripping story about a young boy and his horse. I would recommend
this for young readers who love animals! — Mark Hubbard, Amazon Customer Reviews.

Connie Squiers was born in San Antonio, Texas, the oldest of three children. As a young girl, she spent many hours with her horse-loving girlfriends and read many books about horses. Connie uses these experiences, and as a mother of two boys, to create her gripping stories. Although a practicing lawyer, she decided to write books particularly on horses, appealed to young people and incorporated those who believed in her faith.

His goal has been to show young adults that God can be an integral part of their lives by having his characters adopt godly behavior despite the difficulties they face. Connie is active in her church and has been in prison ministry to young men and women for twelve years. She has been pancreatic cancer-free since 2005 and welcomes the opportunity to encourage others dealing with the devastating diagnosis of cancer.

The copper colt
Written by: Connie Squier
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