World Book Day: Waterstones unveils children’s books to read in 2022

World Book Day celebrates all things literature and artwork and is a great way to inspire your kids to pick up a book and start reading.

This year, World Book Day is held on Thursday March 3 and celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Whether your mini runs around you like his favorite Roald Dahl character or casts spells like he’s in Harry Potter, here’s how you can get his imagination going.

Waterstones has rounded up its must-have children’s books for 2022, which include everything from young adult fiction to picture books.

There’s also a range of 12 books available to buy with a £1 World Book Day token – find out more via the World Book Day website.

Get them reading this World Book Day and beyond with these recommendations.

The children’s books you must read this World Book Day

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Teen and young adult

beasts of prey

Author: Ayana Gray

“With echoes of The Gilded Ones and Witches Steeped in Gold, Gray’s pan-African mythological fantasy sets a magical girl and aspiring warrior in pursuit of a vicious monster plaguing their town,” Waterstones said.

The special edition paperback is available for £6.99 from the Waterstones website.

The balloon thief

Author: Aneesa Marufu

“Featuring aerial adventure and wicked jinn spirits, Marufu’s exhilarating college debut finds a sixteen-year-old fleeing an arranged marriage in a hot air balloon – and into a dangerous world of magic and curses,” described Waterstones.

The exclusive paperback could be yours for £6.99 via the Waterstones website.

All that’s left in the world

Author: Erik J Brown

“A perfect read for Wranglestone fans, Brown’s atmospheric debut fuses a queer love story with a post-apocalyptic thriller as two boys flee the many dangers raging after the Superflu wiped out most of humanity” , commented Waterstones.

The signed paperback edition is an exclusive offer from Waterstones at just £6.99 via the Waterstones website.

Picture books


Author: Tom Percival

“Few children’s authors can get to the heart of their readers’ emotions as deftly as Tom Percival, and in The River, the author-illustrator of The Invisible and Ruby’s Worry finds the perfect metaphor for exploring the ever-changing feelings of ‘a young boy,’ Waterstones commented.

Add it to your basket for £5.99 via the Waterstones website.

The Windrush Child by John Agard

Author: John Agar

Illustrator: Sophie Bass

“Award-winning poet John Agard’s lyrical and important poem, Windrush Child, comes to life for young readers in this vibrant picture book beautifully illustrated by Sophie Bass,” said Waterstones.

The signed ex-libris edition is due out on March 10 and the hardback copy can be pre-ordered for £12.99 via the Waterstones website.

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The Comet

Author: Joe Todd Stanton

“Using magic and inspiration once again to explore themes highly relevant to real children, Joe Todd-Stanton weaves a touching and compassionate story about moving and discovering new places,” Waterstones commented.

The signed hardback edition is available from World Book Day for £12.99 and can be purchased through the Waterstones website.

younger fiction

Isadora Moon catches the Magic Pox

Author: Harriet Muncaster

“Adorable Isadora Moon returns in a typically tumultuous tale of fake diseases and spells gone horribly wrong as our heroine desperately tries to avoid a dreaded math test,” Waterstones described.

This paperback can be yours for £4.99 via the Waterstones website.

Ambrose follows his nose

Author: Dick King-Smith and Josie Rogers

“Marking 100 years since the birth of Dick-King Smith, this typically charming and sweetly funny tale begun by the late great children’s author and completed by his great-granddaughter Josie Rogers, revolves around a rabbit with incredibly powerful nostrils “, Waterstones commented.

Add a hardback copy to your basket for £10.99 via the Waterstones website.


Author: Nadia Shireen

“The acclaimed picture book author embarks on a seriously silly series for mid-level readers featuring two runaway foxes, a ferocious street cat called Princess Buttons, and a wild woodland filled with hilarious animal characters and weird,” Waterstones commented.

The exclusive pocket edition is available for £5.99 via the Waterstones website.

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