Here’s How Many Menu Books GT7 Cafe Mode Features

If you’re wondering how many menu books you have left to complete the GT7 Coffee mode, we can help you with that!

Gran Turismo 7 is the latest entry in the franchise and a big comeback to Polyphony Digital’s good after the disappointing launch of Gran Turismo Sports.

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Similar to previous Gran Turismo titles, in GT7 you are free to do any activity you want to earn in-game currency and spend it on the car of your choice. Unfortunately, the grind of new cars is still part of the game’s DNA, and the existence of in-game microtransactions is already a reason for the developers to expand the grind.

One of the main activities you can do in Gran Turismo 7 is to complete Cafe mode tasks. Coffee in GT7 is like the main campaign of the game. At each stage, you will be given a menu book which will task you with a certain mission.

Gran Turismo 7 | Find your line trailer

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Gran Turismo 7 | Find your line trailer





There are in total 39 Book menu in Gran Turismo 7. Some of them will ask you to win a certain race, while others will send you after acquiring a bunch of cars.

Once you’ve completed all 39 menu books, you’ll see the endgame credits on your screen, but that doesn’t mean the game is over. Aside from coffee, there are still many other activities on the world map that you can do to get in-game currency, trophies, and many other achievements.

The menu books start with cheap cars and easy missions, but as you progress you’ll be tasked with winning tough races in some big tournaments.

Gran Turismo 7 is now available exclusively on PS4 and PS5.

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