Union Minister of Education launches technical books prescribed by NEAT 3.0 and AICTE

With the aim of providing advanced ed-tech solutions and courses to the nation’s students, the Department of Education and Skills Development has launched a National Educational Alliance for Technology, NEAT 3.0, and prescribed technical books. ‘AICTE in regional languages. The education platform was launched on Monday by Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. The Education Minister said NEAT will be a game-changer by connecting students to the digital world, especially those who are economically backward students, and meeting knowledge-based demands of India and the world.

On the occasion, Pradhan said that 58 Indian and global tech start-ups have collaborated with NEAT and offer 100 courses and electronic resources to enhance learning experiences and develop employable skills. He said NEAT will be shown to be a step towards eliminating learning loss. NEAT with skill India will boost skills and create jobs across the country, he added.

According to a report published by ANI, Pradhan also urged AICTE and other electronics technology companies to provide low-cost electronic resources. In his remarks, the Minister of Education praised the global electronics technology companies and start-ups that are adhering to NEAT 3.0. He invites electronic technology companies to work with him and collaborate to make online learning affordable and accessible. However, he said electronics tech companies should note that any kind of monopoly or exploitation will be strictly removed.

Under NEAT 3.0, over 12 million economically backward students received free tuition coupons worth over Rs 253 crore. “This is one of the greatest gifts to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s student community for the New Year 2022.” Speaking about regional languages ​​and technical books, Pradhan said the move would surely develop the critical thinking capacity of young people to become global citizens.

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Image: Twitter / @ Dharmendrapradhan

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