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Speed ​​reading is a technique that allows the reader to understand the underlying concept or theme in the text, in addition to saving time. While speed reading can clearly apply to reading books or newspapers, many comic book enthusiasts question the ability of speed reading to convey the message that pictures are meant to convey. In the 21st century, comics are no longer seen as just an entertainment medium, but have been defined as an important marketing tool in this tech-driven age, allowing visual effects to complement the company’s mission statement. . organization or its main purpose. it can be easily expressed. Products and services.

Comic book enthusiasts and readers of comics and graphic novels have more and more publications available, both in print and online, and are generally eager to read the latest issues in preparation for the next one. Speed ​​reading can help them do this; All you need to do is follow a few simple and effective tips. Illustrations in comics are a powerful tool and a quick glance at the illustrations allows the reader to understand the situation around the characters. Comic book readers should focus on reading text silently rather than verbally, as saying the words out loud can slow down reading.

Additionally, comics and graphic novels often detail entire storylines across multiple illustrations on a single page, so readers are recommended to learn how to skip illustrations that are not considered important. A quick glance at each image can give you a guess if it’s readable or just an extension of the previous illustration. This technique, known as skimming, can speed up reading entire comics in minutes.

One of the best options available on the market right now is Cover. The native Windows-10 app can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store and has a ton of useful features. You can sync your own files, so you don’t need to purchase your books through in-app purchases like subscriptions. If you already have a large library of CBR or CBZ files, Cover is perfect for you as it comes with a built-in library manager.

The application has its limits. You’re limited to only carrying 25 pounds at a time, unless you unlock the app through a one-time in-app purchase. The purchase is quite cheap (around $ 2), but you need to consider this before you jump in and get the app yourself.

On the bright side, if you decide to pay for the full version of the player, the app will sync your collection to the cloud as well. So if you run Windows 10 on both your tablet and PC, you’ll have access to your comics on both platforms.

C Ex display

While not as appealing as Cover, CDisplay Ex is an amazing free option for people who like to read somewhat older comics. CDisplay Ex bills itself as the world’s most popular comic book player, and it’s easy to see why. The program allows you to read comics in almost any format that you would expect to find a saved comic in. Image files, PDF documents and of course regular CBR or CBZ files will work with this reader.

There is also the added special feature of automatic color correction in case you are reading old comic book scans that haven’t aged very well. This color correction feature is not only impressive, but it is also very useful as the most difficult comics with color issues can be difficult to read. The only thing that makes CDisplay Ex a comic book player is that it lacks library functionality completely. If you want to organize your comics outside of your standard file system, CDisplay Ex gets you high.

On the bright side, it at least comes with a plugin that adds the cover of each comic as an appropriate thumbnail. So now when you browse your comic book folders, you will be able to identify them visually, rather than just by the title.


ComicRack is a fairly popular choice when it comes to reading comics on Windows 10, but it lacks some key features compared to many other players on the market. For starters, it cannot handle image files. So if you have a ton of Sunday comics saved straight from the scans, you’ll need to convert them to CBR or CBZ files before you can play them. There is also no fancy library or automatic sorting of books into their own series folders. You have a library, but it gets easily overwhelmed if you have a lot of comics in your collection.

Fortunately, ComicRack has a few advantages that make it a worthy choice for the right kind of person. It’s one of the only comic book readers available that lets you read more than one comic at a time, each in its own tab. So if you want to compare two editions for whatever reason, ComicRack makes it much easier for you. You can change the meta information of each comic as you read it, allowing you to micromanage your entire collection. There is also a magnifying glass in case you want to take a closer look at the details of the artwork.

The last useful detail is that ComicRack supports tablet controls. So you can swipe up and down to read the comic if you are using a touchscreen. You can even use it to organize your comic book collection on Android.


MComix is ​​another great comic book reader for Windows 10, but it loses functionality and usability compared to some of the other entries on this list. You can still build a library and read comics in many different formats, but the app doesn’t seem intuitive to use. The library isn’t built into the app, but it opens in a separate window, and while you can play image files, you can’t add them to your library for some reason.

If you only have a few comics, MComix will be perfect for your needs, as opening individual files and playing them is a fairly straightforward experience. It’s even quite easy to play an entire series, because when you open a single file, it automatically loads the next file into the folder when you’re done reading.

If MComix has an advantage, it’s that the app is completely portable, so you don’t even have to install it. You can put it on a memory card or SD card and take it with you if you use a lot of random computers and still want to have access to your comic book library.


The last entry on our list is MangaMeeya, a free app designed to read Japanese comics known as manga. Although designed for a right-to-left reading system, MangaMeeya is perfect for reading comics.

Like MComix, MangaMeeya is portable and free, so you can take it anywhere. Unlike MComix, you won’t be able to use it from the start without changing some settings unless you are reading manga. It’s a bit of a setback compared to other apps, as most have an onscreen switch between manga mode and comic book mode. MangaMeeya requires you to scour the options menu to toggle between the two.

MM is also missing some library features, so you have to manage your library yourself. On the plus side, the small file size and portability make it perfect for a smaller hard drive, like those on a tablet or laptop. Although the original creators no longer update the software, many on GitHub have taken the code and added it.

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